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Welcome to Q-learning School

International Quran Online Academy – Learn Quran online with online tutors

Start Quran learning with one of the best Quran teaching Academy. We are providing Quran lessons online to kids and adults, male and female across the globe.Our Quran learning courses are especially designed for you and your kids. Under the guidelines of qualified Quran Tutors we will provide you step by step Qura n learning with the rules of tajweed and essesntial Islamic knowledge for kids and adults.

About Us

Qlearning is an online Quran academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online. We have a team of learned islamic scholars that have ijazah to teach Quran. Our aim is to spread the word of Allah and help both kids and adults read Quran correctly and along with basic Islamic teaching and principles.We are providing Our services to every individual anywhere in the world who has access to a high speed internet connection.

Why Choose Us ?

Why should I learn Quran from Q-learning online School..?


There is no registration fee to get registered.
Free trial classes are given before regular Quran classes.
A small monthly fee with NO long term contract.

One to One Classes

One-to-One live Quran classes.
Teacher teaches only a single student at a time.
Complete attention is given on each and every student.

Flexible Timings

On demand class timings are given.
Student can pick time of the class according to his/her conveniece.

Female tutors

Qualified female Quran teachers are available.
Students who feel comfortable with female teachers can learn Quran with more comfort.

Our Courses

Noorani Qaida Course

Quran Foundation (Qaida) course is the very first step for all the beginners. Muslims across the world learn Noorani Qaida to build foundation for learning Quran.It is the basic book for kids to learn how to read, recite and understand the Holy Quran. It makes learning Quran easier.

Quran reading with Tajweed

QLearning is offering this basic Quran reading with Tajweed course online, for the students, kids, females, and adults, with the best methods of teaching and with the help of a good Quran teachers male and female Quran teacher. Let us help you and your kids read Quran and learn Quran with Tajweed online.

Quran Memorisation

Those students who are willing to memorize the whole Quran can join this course. An assessment of every student is done before the admission is done for Hifzul Quran. Anybody who wants to Hifz Quran must be fluent in reading Quran. Those students who can’t read Quran with fluency are trained by our tutors in their Makhrij.